From: Connor Benham

United Kingdom, Southsea

For the attention of the curious entrepreneur...

If you are anything like me you're curious - willing to learn, and spend your days obsessing how to improve your enterprise.

Yet in a world of increasing and easily accessible information you no longer know where to look, let alone who to trust.

You read books, peruse social media in the hope that something will generate an idea that will move you closer to the idea of what your life (and business) should look like, but nothing sticks - it's all fluff.

"Post on TikTok!"

"Create an annual plan!"

"Social media is king!"

"Reduce risk!"

"Invest in a website!"

"Focus your company culture!"

Bull. Shit.

Quite frankly I'm tired of it, and I'm sure you are too - it's the exact reason I started this website.

I've always promised my clients, and myself that I'd share my thoughts and business principles I've unearthed when I felt truly capable, and have the time to do so.

After 7 years of slogging away growing several companies ranging from pubs to consultancies, and everything in-between, I'm tired of charlatans spouting nonsense to any poor soul with a pair of ears and no way to know any better than to listen.

I am now about to keep that promise.

Pay careful attention. The ability to run a ludicrously profit fatty business has never been easier, as long as you understand the core marketing principles that dictate your strategies - which in turn dictate how you tactically behave in a market place.

The ability to understand these advertising principles is by far the most enamouring profit producing skill a business owner could ever hope to acquire. If you learn to fully 'get' the core principles you should never have to worry about the performance of your business again.

Unfortunately these principles are as rare as a priest who hasn't fiddled a kid. They simply aren't sexy, and therefore are rarely spoke about in place of the latest fluff tactic which in turn spreads and dies very quickly - For me and my clients, this is wonderful news. Your competition crave these fluff tactics, they even pay to learn and implement them. Hah! Chumps.

The truth is once you learn these core principles you will have zero competition. It's not that there aren't others who operate solely on solid principles. No, it's just there are so incredibly few of us that, mostly we are friendly and exchange ideas and info freely in private than spout about it on social media.

It's almost like a cult.

Which brings us to a critical problem. A problem so critical it could be considered a plague.

You will have to learn how to

apply these principles strategically & tactically, yourself.

Quite bluntly, the few that can really apply the proper principles to your advertising strategies, and then implement that to a tactical level are too damn busy that you couldn't even think about working with us unless you have a spare kidney to flog. And even then you'd only get a laboured grunt of an education.

Furthermore, the few that I personally know have such a nihilistic view of those 'out of the know' they'd rather drag their balls over a mile of broken glass than to hand-hold you through an education - they simply prefer to work on their own shit above all else.

This takes us back to the critical problem, which isn't much of a problem at all if you have a good level of curiosity, intelligence and (this part is critical) an experienced head like myself to share, defog and break-down it all for you - all while sharing exactly how I'm taking these principles, applying them to our advertising strategies which in turn dictates the tactical implementation...

As promised, with my help...

You CAN learn how to

apply these principles strategically & tactically, yourself.

All you have to do is share your best email below and I'll rush you my private 'No Fluff Advertising Tenets' book I apply to every business I'm involved with, so you can too. This book contains the 10 core principles & 3 simple strategies of any profit fatty business, blowing all the fluff out of your way, as well as the free regular implementation newsletter sharing how to tactically apply this to your own business in 2022.

But I'm not stupid...

Simply leave your details below, press the

button and I'll rush you a copy

You are likely asking yourself, "Why the fuck would Connor be giving me a book, and regular implementation newsletters for free?"

I get it, one of the core principles is a buyer is better than a prospect. Thats why we sell a cheap £5 e-book in one of my companies, to identify the best prospects, who then get the best nurturing, and sales experience - you're also thinking, well how valuable could this really be if it's free?

So let me be completely transparent with you...

I'm doing this for 3 reasons:

#1 - Selfishly, I want to get better a writing and breaking down these principles. The best way to improve is with an audience, to compensate my lab rats (you) I won't hold anything back, mainly because I do not know how to.

#2 - I want to get you hooked. You have my word the quality of the regular emails, and the No Fluff Business Tenets book will help you see breathtaking growth in your business, all whilst keeping it so incredibly simple.

#3 - You will be sold something, eventually - I'm far too busy to be creating offers flogging my countless wares right now, but one day you will be pushed to buy something from me. By the point that happens I predict you'll be so buttered up you'd be grateful you have something to buy.

Let me put this bluntly, if you are tired from jumping from the latest fad to the latest fad over and over again - you will enjoy what I have to say.

If you enjoy learning to post on TikTok, Instagram and having 'flash in the pan' success you will not enjoy what I have to say.

I am looking for curious people to share the 'No Fluff Tenets' & my regular implementation emails with, not magpies who chase shiny thing to shiny thing in some awful never ending shiny human centipede never stopping to ask themselves if there's a better way.

Take a look at my picasso-esque drawing below:

Business is not too dissimilar to an iceberg. What you can actually see of any successful business is just the tip of the iceberg, the vastness that lays below the water line is far more impressive, and far more secretive.

You will discover everything that lays below the iceberg in your free 'No Fluff Advertising Tenets' book, and the regular emails will share the tactical implementation.

All you have to do is leave your details below...

Simply leave your details below, press the

button and I'll rush you a copy

Here's a look at what you will discover once you get your grubby mits on the book...

#1 - Add these 5 words to explode your inbox... no matter what you sell or who you sell to.

#2 - The proven 'shove' to take slow-to-act prospects to paying client in record time (this simple principle will double your efforts instantly).

#3 - A controversial yet simple fix for advertising that generates no response.

#4 - Why 80% of your advertising money is wasted (and what to do about it).

#5 - Branding is shit, personal branding worse... here's what to do instead.

6# - The painstakingly obvious principle will have you kicking yourself upon discovery.

7# - Why being subtle and 'giving value; above all else will silently drown your business without you noticing - Until it's too late.

8# - Advertising that looks like a professionally designed poster is shit... here's what to do instead.

9# - Why your emotions are fucking your business behind your back, and one rule to stop it in its tracks.

10# - The 6 month game-plan to take you from choppy waters to steady tides.