"How business owners can generate  high-quality leads, make more money and have more free time with less stress and headaches"
- despite rising ad costs and the low usual low-quality leads of Facebook
Who is Connor Benham?: Trained and studied in traditional direct response marketing, that is proven to work and has generated millions of pounds, I achieve these unusual results using Social Media Advertising by implementing old-school tactics and applying them to the modern day lead-machines

My unique approach ensures that higher-quality leads are generated vs the 'normal' way of online advertising, allowing you to make more money and reduce stress as leads and sales become more reliable with my way unique way of advertising on Social Media
Consume my shit...
- Connor Benham 
Chapter 1: 7 Vital Steps to a KILLER Facebook Campaign
Kickstart your very first Facebook ad with a headstart or fix your current failing ads with my 8 steps to take to your ads from shit to profit - despite tough regulations and insane competition. Just click here ->
Chapter 2: Apply to work with me...
I work with businesses on application only and charge a minimum of 4k (1st month fee). Simply click the button on the left and my assistant will be in touch with an application form for you to fill out. 
Chapter 3: Monthly email support
Running ads, yet you want to take it to the next level? Tried various FB ads groups, yet found you only ever got support from other group members and only hear from the 'expert' once a month? If so, leave your details to the right and my assistant will give you more information...
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